A student at Milam Elementary School in Midland, Texas was reportedly dismissed from class and sent home after he kneeled during the pledge of allegiance.

According to YourBasin.com, the 8-year-old boy's mom and grandmother claimed he was sent home from school Tuesday after kneeling during the pledge. However, a spokesperson at Midland ISD told the site that while the boy was sent home, it wasn't because he kneeled during the pledge. Rather, the spokesperson says he was sent home for "inflammatory" behavior, not kneeling.

The school district confirmed students are not required to stand during the pledge of allegiance.

According to the boy's grandmother, school officials told her he had kneeled during the pledge of allegiance and "made negative comments," but little else was explained.

"They wouldn't allow my daughter [the boy's mother] back to talk to the teacher or to talk to any of the students, so nothing was really explained," she told YourBasin.com.

She added that her grandson's decision to kneel was a conscious one and was related to the shooting deaths of black people by police.

"He watches the news, he reads the newspaper, he doesn't have to be encouraged, he doesn't have to be pushed," she said.

The student was reportedly allowed to return to school the following day without further discipline.


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