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The City of Lubbock reported 110 new cases of COVID-19 for the week of June 8th through June 14th, the larges number of cases for a week since April.

The startling addition of 110 new cases is viewed by some as a consequence of more testing and others believe that this is the next wave of cases predicted to occur when restrictions began to be removed in May.

Sadly, this is likely not the second wave for new cases in Lubbock.

City of Lubbock
City of Lubbock
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Though testing has been highest in May, the restrictions that were in place at that time did not show a trend of new cases.

This month, however, the number of new tests cannot explain the spike in new cases, totaling 34 on Saturday, June 13th. If that were the case, we should have seen more cases reported on June 11th (15 new cases) versus June 13th, when 34 new cases were reported.

The argument for relaxing restrictions in May was that the high number of cases in April was due to the breakout in nursing homes, but no new nursing home cases have been reported in nursing homes, according to Lubbock Fire Rescue, which recently tested all 12 nursing facilities.

So what's causing the new COVID-19 spikes we're seeing in Lubbock? Only time will tell, but the number of new cases increasing without a specific reason why should at least be a cautionary glimpse at why it's still so important to follow safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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