This Saturday, News/Talk 790, KFYO will broadcast a 19th Congressional District Agriculture Issues forum with all the announced Republican candidates.  The forum will air from 2pm-5pm, on February 20, 2016 in place of the Chad Hasty Show on News/Talk 790, KFYO. The forum will also air at the same time on News/Talk 1470, KYYW in Abilene.

The forum was produced, and moderated, by Tony St. James (pictured) of Agriculture Today, and President-Elect of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters.

The candidates participating in the forum are: Jodey Arrington, Jason Corely, Greg Garrett, John Key, Donald May, Don Parrish, Glen Robertson, Michael Bob Starr and DeRenda Warren. All nine are on the ballot for the Republican Primary for the 19th Congressional District, even though Don Parrish recently dropped out of the race.

The set-up for the forum is unique: all of the candidates were given a total of 15 minutes to provide an opening and closing statement and answers to five questions.  The candidates were recently recorded individually by Tony St. James and the answers grouped together into segments for the program.  The questions cover the areas of: policy for cotton trade and subsidies, renewable energy, U.S. trade policy and general ag issues.

Early Voting continues until Friday, February 26 and Election Day is Tuesday. March 1.

You can listen to the forum over the air on AM 790, online at and through your tablet or phone with the radioPup app.


Hour 1: Opening statements from all of the candidates, candidates answering a question about U.S. ag policies and interview with Tony St. James and former Congressman Charlie Stenholm.

Hour 2: Candidates answer questions about renewable energy, policy for cotton trade and subsidies and U.S. foreign trade

Hour 3: Candidates answer a question about defining a "win" for U.S. ag policy and give their closing statements.