Summer time typically brings the best weather to enjoy the great outdoors, but the warmer weather and 4th of July festivities can also bring dangerous conditions for our four legged friends.

A viral story, out of Washington, about a dog with severely burnt paws is a sad reminder about how hot the ground can get under the sun.

Remember that hot surfaces are not the only danger to pets during summer months. Outdoor pet houses, while great for shade, can actually act against the owner's best intentions. Temperatures inside a pet house can be 15-25 degrees hotter than outdoor air temperatures.

Weather conditions are not the only threat to the well being of pets during summer months. Festivities surrounding the 4th of July and other summer celebrations can create disruptions that can be detrimental to your pet's health. Some pets struggle with the addition of loud noises and flashing lights.

Here are some tips to help your pet during summer-time celebrations:

  • Talk to your veterinarian if your pet is showing signs of distress. 
  • Check your pet's collar and tags to be sure that they are properly worn and that the identification information can be clearly read.
  • Designate a "safe-space" for your pet during away and at home festivities.
  • If your pet has anxiety around crowds or loud noises, leave them home instead of causing them added stress.
  • Use toys and treats to distract your pet during the loudest moments at events.
  • Play with your pet before the event to burn off energy that might add to anxiety later. Wear them out before the event and they'll likely sleep through the noise. 

Never leave a pet locked in a vehicle or enclosure without an adequate way to keep them cool. Remember to watch how much and what they eat for changes in behavior that might be signs of distress or illness.

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