It's finally spring, and our friends at United Supermarkets want to help all of us spring into a more healthier lifestyle.

Brenda Duby with United Supermarkets stopped by today to discuss the impact sugary drinks can have on women.

A new study recently released claimed that consuming multiple sugary drinks in a day can lead to a 63 percent higher risk of heart disease in women. According to Duby, it's not just sodas that you have to be on the lookout for. Even juice can contain too much sugar.

Duby suggested looking for juices and other drinks low in sugar, and to use vegetables in smoothies.

On another note, Market Street locations in Lubbock will be hosting its Wedding Expo on Saturday and Sunday (March 23rd and 24th). See what the bakery, floral, and other departments can do for your special day.

For more information on sugary drinks and the Wedding Expo, watch the video above.

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The United Supermarkets Family is making healthy shopping easier by helping you build a better basket. Find out more at United Supermarkets’ official website.

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