Operation Troop Treats is Going on Right Now!
Kool Smiles for Kids is bringing back a great event for the 6th year.
Operation Troop Treats encourages Lubbock kids to bring in their candy to donate for troops overseas. In exchange, kids will get a toy for their candy.
From Kool Smiles:
"Operation Troop Treats promotes good dental health an…
Safe & Seen Halloween!
Here at Kool FM, we're making a list of places where kids in Lubbock and the surrounding areas can trick or treat this year in a fun, safe environment. Got an event to tell us about? Let us know here!
10 Easy Ways to Make Candy Corn Awesome
There’s one single treat in the history of all candy deliciousness that makes us feel so torn. Candy corn -- we hate to love it and love to hate it. How is it possible it can taste so bad, yet be so irresistible? It’s a Halloween trick AND treat. (See what we did ther…
The Five Most Unhealthy Halloween Candies
We see these lists every year, but if you're picking out your Halloween candy this week, "Reader's Digest" has a list of the unhealthiest Halloween candies you can buy. Obviously, ALL candy is bad for you, but here are the top five.
Would You Eat a Beer Marshmallow?
I'm not sure about this trend that seems to be getting momentum where companies find a way to inject booze into everything. There were the alcoholic energy drinks...then the new "Adult Chocolate Milk"...and now, Beer Marshmallows! Read more about 'em, and order some on the next …