Henry Cavill

Superman Lives in This New ‘Justice League’ Promo Image
Guess who’s back. Back again. Supes is back. Tell a friend…about what might be the least shocking piece of promotional art for Justice League. Yep, Henry Cavill’s Superman returns, joining the JL crew in a new, incredibly Photoshopped image from Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s upcoming superhero epic. I mean, it’s not as if you didn’t know he’d be back to save the world with his super-pals, but here he is in all his Kryptonian glory — just in case.
Here’s How ‘Justice League’ Can Remove Henry Cavill’s Mustache
Ahh, post-production, that magical time when a director can use computers and good old-fashioned ingenuity to fix the hundred little things that went wrong while shooting. Flubbed lines can be re-recorded and spliced in, flawed shots can be surgically removed, and inconsistencies in continuity can be digitally erased from the frame. That last one has become something of a major concern for the Justice League production as it winds down, because the process of reshooting has dealt director Joss Whedon one hairy, noticeable continuity error.
‘Batman v Superman’ TV Spot Smashes Up the Batmobile
Just one look is all it takes for Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel to send the Batmobile conveniently careening into boxes of Gotham City gas (they keep gas in boxes there? What kind of city is this?). The latest TV spot for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is more of a clip, really, and shows us a brief glimpse of the scene in which Superman wrecks the Batmobile and the pair of heroes glare at each other…a lot.