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J.J. Abrams Officially Returning for ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’
We knew it wouldn’t take Lucasfilm long to find a new director for Star Wars: Episode IX. When Colin Trevorrow parted ways with the studio last week, it seemed obvious that there would be two names at the top of their list: Rian Johnson, director of The Last Jedi, and J.J. Abrams, Star Wars executive producer and director of The Force Awakens. Johnson took his name out of the running pretty early on, and now it seems as though Abrams is stepping up to the plate.
The Third ‘Cloverfield’ Movie Has Been Delayed to 2018
The Cloverfield films have made a business model of sneaking up on viewers. The first movie showed up out of nowhere, a surprise production from J.J. Abrams, with a trailer that had a release date, but not even a title. History repeated itself with last year’s 10 Cloverfield Lane, which Abrams also sprung on audiences when the trailer arrived online and in theaters just months ahead of release. But it looks like things are going to be different on this third Cloverfield; you are definitely going to see it coming because it’s just been bumped back from its original release date.
The ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Script Is So Good, J.J. Abrams Wishes He Were Directing It
J.J. Abrams revved up the engine on the ol’ Star Wars ship, launching the series on a new journey with The Force Awakens, but declining to return for the subsequent sequels. Instead, Rian Johnson (Looper) and Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) will be steering the franchise from here on out, directing Episodes 8 and 9, respectively. Johnson is in production on Episode 8 right now, and according to The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley, the script is “very good.” How good? Abrams regrets turning down the chance to direct it.
Watch the New ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ Trailer!
The brand new Star Wars: Episode 7 trailer premiered this morning at Star Wars Celebration, as J.J. Abrams and the film’s cast showed off the footage to a packed audience of hardcore Star Wars fans. But, you don't have to be in Anaheim to get a new look at The Force Awakens: we've got the trailer for you right here, right now!
‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Announces Cast, Original Stars Confirmed to Return
'Star Wars: Episode 7' has finally announced its cast after a long process that has spanned months of speculation and rumors. The stars of the original trilogy - Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker - have finally been confirmed, and they'll be joined by newcomers to the franchise Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Max von Sydow, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver