Love Is In The Air
I always see/hear about people getting engaged or getting married around the holidays...but I never expected for it to happen to me. Engagement stories are always so romantic/cute...but I have to say that mine was pretty special to me!
Making Tamales is Family Time
One word that comes to mind when I know the holidays are coming around....TAMALES! They are my favorite...yes it takes a long time to make but hey it is well worth it!
What Happened To Compassion?
You may have read or heard about the lady that got shot in an apparent “home invasion” earlier this week. After LPD did their job, it turns out that it was an unfortunate situation of someone with a condition that is very real.
Find A Man A Wife, Get Paid $10,000!
A guy is desperate to find love and is willing to pay big bucks to find it!  All you have to do is hook him up with his future wife.
Why do I have a feeling it’s going to be very very hard to satisfy his request.  “Seinfeld” comes to mind.  A…