It’s Time To Turn Off Outdoor Sprinklers In Lubbock
The City of Lubbock will spend the next six days below freezing as the Polar Vortex will send arctic air plunging into Texas. On Sunday and Monday, Lubbock will see some of the coldest temperatures we have seen in years. Sunday's high is now forecasted to be around 11 degrees for the high and -…
The Polar Vortex Won’t Be Good For Your Pets
It's about to get bitterly cold in Lubbock and around West Texas. And while that is bad for us humans, it's also bad for our pets that may spend most of the time outdoors.
According to at least one forecast for the Lubbock area, Thursday's high is supposed to be around 43 degrees, though it could be …
The Polar Vortex Is Coming For Lubbock
You didn't make the mistake of thinking winter was over did you? Don't be confused by the relatively warm days we've had lately or the dust blowing in the wind. Winter is not over, and over the next several days, much of our area will be reminded just how cold it can get...
What to Do After a Tornado Strikes
While navigating a global pandemic, one cannot imagine adding a natural disaster into the mix, but that is the reality for many who have recently experienced tornados touching down in their hometowns.

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