Salvation Army Braces For Dangerously Cold Weather
With cold weather creating dangerous conditions this week, The Salvation Army will reach out to individuals staying on the streets and those without heat to make sure all have are sheltered from the cold.
On Monday night, The Salvation Army housed 75 individuals and expects to house more as the weath…
West Texas Ice Storm Preparedness
Here's some important information from the Texas Division of Emergency Management concerning the coming Arctic blast you've been hearing about.
By no means do we intend to freak anybody out, this is just some info that's important to know. Especially if you're going to be travelin…
A Flash Flood in Australia Washed Away 20 Cars
People in Queensland, Australia have been dealing with devastating floods for the last two weeks.  And the flooding on Monday was the worst.
A flash flood in a town called Toowoomba killed at least eight people, including four children, and 72 other people were reported missing...