Did you see this thing last night?

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So I get up this morning and hear about all of these people freaking out about this fireball last night. This thing was spotted by several folks last night across several states. As far south as Texas and as far north as Indiana reported seeing some sort of fireball streak across the sky. Footage is going viral from several security cameras across the states.

You can find several videos like the one above from different parts of the country last night. According to the time of the security footage on Texas cameras, it was around 10:22 last night.

The footage in these videos is from all over Texas. Round Rock, College Station and Houston.

NASA defines a fireball as exceptionally bright meteors that are spectacular enough to to be seen over a very wide area. I am no scientist, but I am willing to bet we had a fireball over Texas last night. Objects causing fireballs are usually not large enough to survive passage through the Earth’s atmosphere intact, although fragments, or meteorites, are sometimes recovered on the ground.

It is possible we had a meteor over Texas last night, but if movies have taught me anything. It could also have been a big ole frozen chunk of poopie. Hopefully everyone is not freaking out about that today and this actually a real meteor.

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