Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of a Fort Worth father-of-the-year candidate they say put a razor in a Rice Krispies treat in his son's Halloween candy.

The father's report caused Fort Worth police to issue a warning to parents on social media, causing a frenzy that left parents frantically digging through their own children's Halloween bounties.

Fort Worth Police

The father originally claimed that the store-bought packaged Rice Krispies Treat, found in his 4-year-old's Halloween stash, appeared to not have been tampered, but that he later cut his finger on it, and found the razor.

According to CBS DFW, police began investigating based on the father's initial story and executed a search warrant on a home where the father said he believed his son got the Rice Krispies treat. Nothing was found at that home and that the home hadn't even given out Rice Krispies treats. They then searched the father's Fort Worth home and said the man eventually confessed to putting the razor in the Rice Krispies treat himself.

So not only is the father a contender for the worst parent and worst human awards, he might just take the cake for worst neighbor award by having his neighbor's home raided before coming clean.