Let's be honest, America's real favorite past time nowadays is getting cozy and binge watching our favorite shows on Netflix. Individual subscribers on average watch somewhere around 568 hours of Netflix a year.

via Netflix
via Netflix

Where you watching what everyone else was watching? Highspeedinternet.com got the Google trends numbers together and found that overall, most states watched "Orange Is The New Black" more than any other show, and OITNB was also the only show to be a state's favorite two years in a row (Arizona loves it).

Texas, however, did not favor "OITNB" the most. The most Netflixed show in Texas is "Ingobernable," a Spanish-language drama about a fictional First Lady of Mexico. California also held "Ingobernable" as its favorite.

Another favorite among many states was also my personal favorite for 2017: "American Vandal," a satirical crime drama that asked the important question, "Who drew the d---s?"

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