I don't know if Chris Beard ever sleeps.

That work ethic has now turned into another recruit for Texas Tech, this time a transfer from UNLV that was on a visit this weekend. Just get them on campus and they won't want to leave apparently.

The newest Red Raider is just going into his second year so is not a graduate transfer. That doesn't necessarily mean that Ntambwe won't be eligible for this next season. The NCAA is a loose cannon granting waivers and shutting them down left and right with no real rhyme or reason. His case though is pretty good see as how he's transferring out of a coaching change. If the waiver isn't granted then he'll redshirt and be available the year after. If he isn't on the court he'll be invaluable in practice as a all star scout team member.

He will also need to pull his name out of the NBA draft pool, which is now likely with his commitment to Texas Tech.

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