I talk about uniforms a lot on the radio and people always tell me they don't matter. They say, 'Who cares what they wear, just win.' Well, to that I say, 'bah humbug.' I believe in the Deion Sanders school of thought when it comes to uniforms.

You look good, you feel good.

You feel good, you play good.

And boy, is Texas Tech going to look so dadgum good this weekend against the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

The Red Raiders will be wearing the black-white-black throwback look.

Timeless is right.

The Red Raiders broke these uniforms out twice in 2015 and won both games they wore them in. The first came on the road against Arkansas, who'd beaten the Red Raiders like a drum in Lubbock the year before. Later in the season, they wore them against the Longhorns on their way to their first win in Austin in forever.

If I was in charge of the Texas Tech uniforms, this look would be the road uniform every single week. I don't need a change of pace or a couple to rotate through. Just give me this exact look every time you leave Lubbock.

I would love for Oklahoma State to wear its white-orange-white look. Either this modern take on the old-school look or a straight-up throwback to the Barry Sanders era.

Tulsa v Oklahoma State
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Either way, Texas Tech is going to play confidently in these throwbacks. I just know it.

Texas Tech is again a big underdog on the road this weekend, so I don't know if it's a big enough boost to win, but I do think the Red Raiders keep it close in Stillwater in the throwback look.

OSU quarterback Spencer Sanders has been doing whatever he wants this season and has been doing it fairly clean. Let's say the uniforms spark the Red Raiders' defensive line to a big day, making Sanders' life a nightmare for the afternoon. If that leads to a couple of turnovers, I think Texas Tech will be in great shape.

Offensively, Texas Tech scored zero points against the Oklahoma State Cowboys' defense. That won't happen again, but I'm not sure how many more points Donovan Smith and the offense can muster. I think the Texas Tech offense is better than it was last year, and the Oklahoma State defense isn't as elite as last year's group was.

I'll take Texas Tech to cover the nine-point spread and lose by six. A final score of 34-28 will send the Red Raiders into the bye week at 3-3 after an absolute gauntlet of a schedule.

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