After starting quarterback Jackson Tyner in a 55-16 loss against Oklahoma, Texas Tech head coach Matt Wells will start Jett Duffey moving forward.

Duffey was 11-20 for 120 yards against Oklahoma in a conservative game plan, with most of the team's efforts going toward a 200-yard rushing performance from the Red Raiders' running backs.

Jett Duffey's time at Texas Tech has been a volatile roller coaster so far, both on the field and off. Even with all that drama, he's performed well on the field.

Don't believe me? In my Pulse of the People poll (seen below), 'QB A' is Alan Bowman against Big 12 defenses, and QB B is Jett Duffey against Big 12 defenses.

I'm not going to say that Jett Duffey is a better QB than Alan Bowman, but I don't think the talent disparity is as wide as once thought.

If Matt Wells and David Yost can turn Duffey loose, he can provide some offense. If they handcuff him with a conservative style, they will continue to score less than 20 points a game. The good news for Duffey and the offense is that he'll get the 1st team reps this week and hopefully look sharper to start the Oklahoma State game without a 17-0 deficit.

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