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Pouring soap into a fountain is a college prank that's probably as old as college fountains. It makes an enormous pile of foam, nobody gets hurt, life moves on. Well, with the exception of the grounds person that has to clean it up.

And that's exactly what happened at Texas Tech University this week:

TikTok, a platform basically engineered for documenting pranks, has brought in a soapy fountain prank renaissance. However, there's some debate on the legality and destructive nature of the prank. Depending on the fountain pipes, some experts will say that it's completely harmless to the fountain, while others disagree.

And I would warn you that at least in Florida, the no-fun police make it clear that it's a felony...which is completely asinine, but so are most things 'Florida.'

Having worked most of my life at a radio station, my vote for best prank i s the ol' open tuna can under the desk trick. But it probably doesn't film as well as this one.

(Big thanks to Michelle Barrera for the footage.)

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