Texas heat can be brutal. These are five of the worst jobs you could have during the summer in Lubbock.

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    Because no one likes interns

    This isn't my first job in radio. When I was 17, I worked for what was then called 99.5 The Bear (now Lonestar 99.5). When you're 17 in radio, you basically get all the jobs that require no skill and that no sane person wants to do. Jobs like wearing a bear suit complete with giant bear head when the mall parking lot's asphalt was so hot it stuck to your shoe.

    It was a special kind of hell being entombed inside the carcass of an enormous stuffed animal. But what's even worse was the imbalance created by the giant head. I was hot and dizzy, and if former deejay Jacqui Neal hadn't have noticed my wobbling I would have passed out or, even worse, vomited inside the bear head onto my own head. Like vomit-head Inception.

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    Animal Control

    I'm sorry I wrote this - forgive me

    Animal Control is sometimes a thankless job. Everyone loves a new puppy or kitty getting adopted, but what about those that get out and, umm, don't make it?

    A couple summers ago I had to call in a cat that had "crossed the rainbow bridge" in the parking lot sometime earlier that day. I watched as the poor Animal Control worker had to bust out a black plastic bag. The smell must have been something super special.

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    HVAC Repair

    Be grateful, folks

    It's easy to have a epic meltdown when the air conditioner goes out. But have you thought about the person that has to fix it?

    Working on your unit outside in the blazing heat is bad enough, but if a repair has to be made in your attic you're basically steam cooking your poor technician and battering them in tiny pieces of installation.

    There's a reason that job pays well; they earn it.

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    You knew this one was coming

    Roofing is arguably the worst job to do in the heat because not only are you constantly exposed to the hateful sun like an ant under a magnifying glass, but you're also getting heat thrown back up at you from the roof itself.

    Hot tar jobs seem completely nightmarish to me. Not to mention it seems like everyone I've ever known who has done roofing has managed to fall at some point. Robots should be doing this already.

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    A great way to boil your insides

    Tree trimming, mowing, planting trees or doing anything in a yard during a hot Lubbock day is not only grueling, but also potentially dangerous.

    Be sure to tip anyone you pay to do these things for you if you don't do them yourself. And if you do decide to do your own lawn care, be sure to take breaks and stay hydrated.


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