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Do you ever just search your hometown on different sites? No? I'm a weirdo nerd? OK.

Anyway, I did it for you. These videos range from buck-wild to heartwarming to bizarre, and they need to be shared with all of Lubbock -- nay, all of the world.

Want to know my methodology? I literally looked up only the word "Lubbock" in YouTube and sorted by views. Pretty simple.

The 5th most-watched video actually came from FMX. It's a really sweet video of some adorable kids being surprised by their soldier dad at a school assembly:

The 4th most-watched video is a toilet. I'm not joking. It's a toilet. Who said Lubbock isn't a fascinating place?

The 3rd most-watched video scared everyone in the comments. It's also super recent, happening in December 2019. It's a semi-truck that toppled over and nearly into a cameraman, injuring first responders who were on the scene of a separate crash.

The 2nd most-watched video is another anxiety-inducing video of a messy arrest, complete with gunshots, tasing, car smashing and more.

And the no. 1 most-watched video? A guy getting slapped so hard it knocks him out. To be fair, he took a few hits before that happened. And yes, that is Inkmaster star Mike Diaz officiating. You want to start watching at about the 4-minute mark.

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