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The popular NobiliTea has announced they are opening in Lubbock.

We found out they have a variety of Texas locations and have let us know they're planning to open a Lubbock location, with the address to be announced, according to Lubbock in the Loop.

They call themselves a tea room, and that sounds quaint and fancy and exclusive. According to their Facebook page, their old-school authentic blends of super-special teas meet our everyday needs and can be poured over ice with a blend of multiple other healthful ingredients. That sounds great in a modern, fast-and-friendly kind of way.

The tea blends we've found on their Facebook page give us unique and hard-to-find teas, with wonderful organic mix-ins poured over ice.

From their Facebook page:

NobiliTea is your favorite place for everything Tea! From our hand crafted drinks to our vast selection of loose leaf teas we have something for everyone.

In addition to serving a refreshing glass of flavorful tea, they have over 120 flavors of loose tea you can purchase to brew at home. You'll find incredible choices, like Almond Ameritti, Apple Crumble, Coconut Creme Brulee, Tiramisu, Watermelon Patch and Wild Cherry Rush. That's just a few of the inspiring and unique tea blends available, according to their website.

Plus, if you want more flavor, they have it served up and organic in some wonderful fruity blends, such as raspberry, vanilla bean, strawberry and blueberry.

Currently, they've got locations sprinkled here and there across Texas, including our neighbors to the north. You can find a NobiliTea in both Amarillo and Pampa.

We look forward to seeing where their new location will be and when they will be opening for us here in Lubbock. We'll keep you posted.

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