News 10 is reporting that a Central Texas man's complaint about his neighbor's trash filled yard is finally being taken care of.

Lacy Lakeview resident Robert Passmore claims that his next door neighbor's huge pile of trash and debris has become a breeding ground for dangerous critters like snakes and rats. His claims his calls to the city to complain about the trash were left unanswered for months.

"I have snakes and rats coming out of a large pile of debris at the house next door to me," he said.

The house with the trash pile is currently undergoing a long and drawn out remodeling. The house has also passed from multiple owners in recent history.

Passmore said the snakes and rats from the pile have started to make their way into his own yard.

"I just can't have this problem in my own backyard. It's dangerous to me,” he said.

According to KWTX, City Manager Keith Bond said that an inspector went out to the pile this past Monday and ordered the house to clean up the trash pile.

"I instructed my inspector to order the new owner to get a rolling bin out there in the next two days and get it cleaned up,” said Bond.


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