A veteran friend of mine turned me on to this really cool organization. Vet Tix is a service that lets people donate tickets to all kinds of events for veterans.

Any time we get the chance to do something positive for our veterans I will %100 support it. Vet Tix is exactly that. People donate tickets to any and all events and Vet Tix gets those tickets to veterans and their families to use for free. Concerts, sporting events, live shows, exhibits, amusement parks, anything that you need a ticket for, you can donate some to Vet Tix.

Got extra tickets to a Tech game? Donate them to a veteran. Got a couple tickets to Six Flags but you can't make it to Dallas? Donate them to a veteran's family.

You can also make cash donations and they will use that money to purchase tickets to events veterans want to go to. Its a great idea, and a new and cool way to say thank you to our veterans. Sign up to donate today.

And if you are a veteran, or the family of a veteran, you can get registered here.

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