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One of the best things to come from the internet has to be the YouTube channel "Bad Lip Reading." If you haven't subscribed to the channel, check it out here.

The makers of the video posted this comment on YouTube apologizing to fans and referencing some of their inspiration:

Got the video up a little later this year, but glad you guys are enjoying. Definitely want to give a nod to Key & Peele's classic "East/West College Bowl" videos; they were the undisputed trailblazers in the niche field of ridiculous player names, and if you haven't seen those videos, seek them out. I've got tons more player intros and outtakes which I'll be posting on Instagram, so if you're not following me on there, pop on over

Every year, the crazy kids at Bad Lip Reading produce an NFL video featuring some of the greatest athletes in professional football with voices added as though the players themselves were overheard saying what could be read from watching their lips move during games. The resulting production is nothing short of gut-busting comedy.

In this year's NFL Bad Lip Reading video, the MVP of the Super Bowl himself, former Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes II made several appearances.


If you haven't started crying with laughter by now, you probably need to get your humor bone looked at by a doctor.


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