Just need to have a couple hundred million dollars and it's yours.

Not too far away from us in Wichita Falls. We have the W.T. Waggoner Ranch which is quite massive at 510,527 acres. It is currently owned by Stan Kroenke who also owns the Los Angeles Rams. That one sold for somewhere around 750 million dollars. Yeah, a massive piece of real estate right here in Texas. Guess what? Another massive piece of real estate is up for grabs.

The Brewster Ranches is available as a whole or can be purchased as five separate ranches - Rio Texico, Dove Mountain, Horse Mountain, YE Mesa, and Tesnus. All the property together is around 420,000 acres. The asking price for the entire property is $320 million.

  • Rio Texico is a 117,000-acre cattle and hunting ranch listed around $86 million.
  • Dove Mountain is a 196,000-acre cattle and hunting ranch listed around $150 million.
  • Horse Mountain is a 34,124-acre cattle and hunting ranch listed around $28 million.
  • YE Mesa is a 52,022-acre mountain ranch listed around $40 million.
  • Tesnus is a 19,814-acre cattle and hunting recreation ranch listed for around $15.5 million.

Be prepared if you own the property to encounter desert mule deer, elk, desert bighorn sheep, many species of birds, javelina, aoudad, mountain lion and scaled quail. The occasional black bear has also been spotted on the property. So if you got the money and want a big piece of property. Place your bid and get more info here.

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