State Fair of Texas Wraps It for 2021 – 2.2 Million Served
The State Fair of Texas went for over 700 days without filling Fair Park with fair fans, food fans, football fans, and animal lovers of all shapes and sizes. 2.2 Million attended this year's fair in one fashion or another, and below we will run down some of the more interesting numbers for you.
It’s Time for Patrick Mahomes’ Family to Chill the Heck Out
Patrick Mahomes has been becoming the face of the NFL over the course of the last few seasons, but there's been a glaring problem festering around him far too long.
His family is really annoying. That's not just my opinion either, most NFL fans outside of Kansas City and a segment within Ka…
Is It Allergies Or COVID? There Are Differences
Have you been sneezing lately? What about a stuffy nose and a cough? It could be allergies. And of course with COVID-19 still floating around, many people will immediately think they have COVID. So how can people tell the difference? There are some differences between COVID and simple allergies wher…
KCBD-TV Fires Employees Over COVID Vaccine Mandate
Listen to the full interview with Eleah Lehnen below.
By now you have probably heard that companies around the United States are beginning to enforce vaccine mandates on employees. Much of this is due to President Biden's directive that OSHA develop a rule for businesses with more than 100 employees,…

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