It's one thing to suffer through a workday with some random pop song in your head, but have you ever found yourself obsessively humming a TV theme song? has put out a new list of 10 of TV theme songs that can easily get lodged in your brain.  Here they are:

1.  "The Andy Griffith Show"

2.  The original "Hawaii Five-O"

3.  "The Brady Bunch"

4.  "Cheers"

5.  "Bonanza"

6.  "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

7.  "Gilligan's Island"

8.  "The Jeffersons"

9.  "The Flintstones"

10.  "The Addams Family" has brief write-ups on each of these, along with embedded YouTube links to each show's opening.

Most of these are from the GLORY DAYS of TV, when theme songs were catchier.  But it can happen with contemporary shows, too.  What songs have YOU found stuck in your head?

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