It's a new year and right from the start we have our first Friday the 13th. For those of you that are superstitious that means that this is the day that you dread the most, or maybe not. This day is said to be very unlucky and if you are a teenager from the 1980's staying at a summer camp then it might even be someone's birthday.

There are some ways that people around the world ward off those bad luck vibes that seem to be popular. Horseshoes and rabbit foots are the most popular items to ward off bad luck even being portrayed in cartoons from the 1940's. For some other ways to get rid of that bad juju it's as easy as scrolling down because no one wants to walk around carrying a horseshoe with them every Friday the 13th.

10 Ways People Ward Off Bad Luck on Friday the 13th

10 different ways people ward off bad luck on Friday the 13th

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