Here in West Texas we have seen our share of weather, but have thankfully been spared the ravages of Hurricane Harvey. Many of us have close ties with those in the affected areas in and around Houston and there is a need to understand what these brave Texans have been facing. So much that is beyond description is shared in these important pictures.

The devastation in Houston and many surrounding cities is catastrophic and unprecedented.

Families climb to second stories and rooftops to be rescued by boat and helicopter as they escape as much as ten feet of water (water that has, in many cases, become affected by sewage, water moccasins and worse); elderly and disabled wait in dire need of rescue from hospitals and nursing homes; pets are lost confused and swimming to safety; wildlife is in serious trouble as livestock, horses and other animals are in need of rescue and relocation.

It's people helping people, a human bond, indomitable human spirit, and faith in the face of destruction that is captured in these photos. These photos go beyond words, and help us to connect, to understand, and reach out with our thoughts and prayers.

We all want to do what we can to help. Make sure your contributions are reaching reliable rescue efforts. One simple and powerful way you can make a difference is by texting HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation. 

A blood drive is in place through United Blood Services in Lubbock. Several other organizations are helping the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. You can click the button below for all that information.

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