Some famous songs are painstakingly written over weeks, months, or even YEARS. But others are written in almost no time at all.  And sometimes, like in the case of "My Sharona", it definitely shows...but hey, a hit is a hit, right? has a list of "20 Monster Hit Songs That Were Written In Just Minutes."  Not all of them are listed with the how long they took to write, but major components of all of them were done in less than a day.  Here's a few highlights:

"Sweet Child O' Mine", Guns N' Roses.  Slash says the riff came together in five minutes, and the rest of the song followed.

"Rock 'N' Roll", Led Zeppelin.  It was written in 15 minutes, after drummer John Bonham launched into the intro for Little Richard's "Keep a Knockin'".

Here's "Keep a Knockin'". Listen to the opening drum riff:

"What'd I Say", Ray Charles.  He came up with the groove while screwing around at the end of a late night set.

"Skyfall", Adele.  She wrote the lyrics in 10 minutes . . . and it won her a Grammy, a Golden Globe and an Oscar.

"Under Pressure", Queen & David Bowie.  They supposedly wrote it in one night . . . although some say the classic bass line was added later.

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