The 2014 Emmy Awards skewed a little hipper this year, with host Seth Meyers and his army of comedically-inclined friends providing more laughs than your average stodgy awards show. However, the ceremony went full internet-friendly when Weird Al Yankovic, hot off the first number one album of his lengthy career, took to the stage to provide your favorite TV shows with the one thing they so desperately need: lyrics.

It's surreal to see Yankovic at the Emmys, but it's more surreal to see him signing lyrics to the eerie theme music from 'Mad Men.' He also takes on 'Modern Family,' 'Homeland' and 'Scandal,' providing words that not only fit the music, but act as sly and occasionally very funny jokes at the expense of the shows themselves (the 'Scandal' song is particularly on point).

Of course, it all ends the most bombastic TV theme in recent memory: 'Game of Thrones.' Joined by multiple dancers and Andy Samberg (wearing a cheap medieval costume, of course), Yankovic's song jumps between show-specific jokes about dragons and nudity and gags about the mania surrounding the show. The grand climax is just about perfect: Yankovic demands 'A Song of Ice and Fire' author George R.R. Martin to write faster ... and Samberg (dressed as Joffrey) delivers a typewriter to Martin himself, who's sitting in the audience.

Even if you're not a Yankovic fan, you've got to hand it the show's producers: this is far more interesting than another disinterested monologue from some guy from some show.

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