"Us" magazine's latest "25 Things You Don't Know About Me" feature serves up a few interesting facts about the current "Bachelor", Brad Womack.  Here are the highlights:

"I watch a different movie almost every night."

"I realize how many times I say 'amazing,' 'connection' and 'journey.'  No one finds me more cheesy than I do."

"I eat very bland food.  No salt, sugar, et cetera."

"Most nights, I only sleep four hours."

"I have a crush on Snooki."

By the way, some of the things Brad said could be fun to revisit when he inevitably breaks up with the woman he chooses on "The Bachelor"…that is, assuming he actually DOES choose a woman this time.

Those things are:  "I believe in brutal honesty"…"I'm loyal to a fault"…and "the feature I look for in a woman is her smile."  (Well if that's the case, why go through the whole dog and pony show on "The Bachelor"?)

You can check out Brad's complete list, here.

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