While '30 Rock' gears up for its final 13 episodes on NBC, don't make the mistake of believing that a half-season means any less room for both new, and familiar faces to drop and send the acclaimed NBC meta-comedy off!  One of its many celebrity guest stars over the years, Matthew Broderick's downtrodden government employee Cooter Burger hasn't been seen since the show's second season, but will make a return at last!  What new position might we see Mattthew Broderick in, and what does it mean for Jack?

Thanks to this week's Entertainment Weekly, we've learned that Mathtew Broderick will reprise his '30 Rock' character "Cooter" (real name James Riley) for the show's final season, set to begin on Thursday, October 4.  The character hasn't been seen since the show's second season finale of the same name, wherein Jack worked alongside the unassertive government employee before deciding to return to NBC and reclaim his job from Devon Banks (Will Arnett).

Though no details are yet available of Broderick's return, the former 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' star is the first major returning celebrity announced for the show's final season, which already includes 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston and frequent Christopher Guest collaborator Catherine O'Hara, as well as returning side-player Maulik Pancholy.  Broderick will also guest star in an upcoming episode of ABC's 'Modern Family,' leaving us to wonder if the actor might be testing the TV waters on a more longterm basis.

What say you?  Are you happy to have Matthew Broderick back for the final season of '30 Rock?'  Who else do you hope puts in a return appearance?

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