Before we get to the reactions and a photo gallery of the best photos from today's Texas Tech win over Utah State in the NCAA Tournament, there was a line near the end of the broadcast where the announcing duo said Chris Beard has committed to getting a neck tattoo of Mac McClung's hometown of Gate City, Virginia if the Red Raiders get to the Final Four of the 2021 NCAA tournament.

If Chris Beard has Pinterest, he can pin these bad boys up because I have a few ideas.

5 Chris Beard Neck Tattoo Ideas

Chris Beard would look way more badass doing this fist pump with that Whataburger neck ink. Just saying.

After the game, the pride of Gate City, Virginia, Mac McClung, spoke to the media and said he didn't know if anything was better than the NCAA Tournament. Only one thing is better, that's getting into the final four and getting Beard that neck tattoo:

Here are some of the best photos from the Red Raiders win over Utah State:

Texas Tech beats Utah State in ROund one of NCAA Tournament.

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