I was wondering around on the web and came across traditions that were very normal to do on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Now as I was looking through some of the things that people do, there was a couple that I didn’t realize that were actually done. Nothing extreme, but still weird.

I took out the top 5 that I would do.

  1. Wear Green-that’s a given. Plus I hate getting pinched just because I forgot to wear green.
  2. Eat Irish Food- Example: Corned beef and Cabbage. It started in the mid-1800s by Irish-Americans. Corned beef was substituted for bacon in the traditional Irish dish of Bacon and Cabbage. Plus I love cabbage.
  3. Wear a Four-Leaf Clover-I always see really cute stick on tattoos that little kids like to wear.
  4. Bake Green Goodies- This was always fun as a kid, hanging around with family just making cookies and anything you can image making green. Something about colored food is just awesome.
  5. Drink a Green Beverage-This one is always awesome. It pretty much explains itself.

Do you and your family have different traditions that you always do? Let me know!

Well whatever you do on St. Patrick’s Day (SUNDAY), HAVE A SAFE AND FUN DAY.

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