This list could have been a lot longer, but why not just do a part two sometime?

There are certain things and people that happened to Lubbock to get us where we are today. I have a few of them that deserve a little recognition.

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    Construction on I-27 began many moons ago. In fact, the history is pretty interesting.

    For those of you who want the shorthand, the part that actually travels through Lubbock wasn't finished until the 1990s. I still remember the time when every single set of directions started with "get on the Loop" and "get off the Loop." At least now, there is a shortcut from north to south or vice versa.

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    The Lone Star Events Center

    The Lone Star Events Center gets kicked around a bit, but there are probably hundreds of shows that wouldn't have happened if the place hadn't been built. Most of the bigger shows used to be at the mercy of Texas Tech Basketball or craft shows at the old Coliseum. The Events Center meant more available days for shows and a much lower overhead for promoters.

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    Coach Mike Leach

    It seems like I put Mike Leach on every other list. That's OK. Name another Texas Tech coach who had his own segment on 60 Minutes. Yeah, Leach ended up at such a huge level of celebrity that the hiring of Bobby Knight still wasn't as big in comparison.

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    South Plains Mall

    Let's imagine an alternate reality here. Let's imagine that in 1972, Plainview or even Levelland built the South Plains Mall.  Do you think Lubbock would still be as big as it is? I really don't think so.

    The mall brought shoppers from all over West Texas to Lubbock, truly making it the Hub City.

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    United Supermarkets Arena

    Pearl Jam, Metallica, Elton John, Cher and many more would never have stopped when they did were it not for United Spirit (now Supermarkets) Arena. The venue still holds just a whisper of the events it could or should hold, but they step up every once in a while with one for the ages.


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