Lubbock Police made several arrests early Saturday morning in the robbery of a pizza delivery driver.

LPD responded to reports of a robbery in the 2700 block of 37th street Friday night at 11:55pm. The victim was brought inside by the suspects and they proceeded to attack the driver.

The suspects left the house, which appeared to be vacant and fled the scene with the pizza. While officers were still on scene, another call came in about a possible burglary in progress just a few houses down the street.

Officers surrounded the residence which was also vacant and found the seven suspects in the residence as well as the empty pizza boxes and pizza bag.

All seven suspects were arrested for robbery, burgalry, and organized crime. Those arrested are Tre DeShawn McDade (18) (also charged with Retaliation), Ronald Anthony Collins (19), Derick Eugene Davis (19), Theresa Violet Sertuche (17), Ana Ariel Rios (17).

Two juvenile suspects were taken to the Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center. The victim was treated on the scene by EMS for his injuries.