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This home is proof that money can buy as many random metal signs as you like.

A home in Roanoke, Texas, a suburb of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, is currently up for sale, according to Zillow. The asking price is right under $8 million for the 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom home that sits atop 10 acres. It's located at 14250 Chaparral Lane.

The home itself has an...interesting aesthetic. The person who built this place must really love cars, bars and piles of wood exteriors. To me, it looks like Kid Rock's vacation home or a chicken-fried sports bar. I'm sure there's plenty of people who would love it as is, but considering I found this house as a post on a Facebook group called "Nightmare on Zillow Street," there are some folks that are less tolerant of its looks than I am.

Even the listing agent seems to know that what they're selling will require the right buyer, so to speak:

No, this is not an auto garage mirage. Drivers start your engines and head 20 minutes outside of Dallas and Fort Worth to Roanoke, Texas where your dream property awaits. Professionally spaced along 10 acres, this sprawling car haven is full of both fun and functionality. There are car lifts, a paint application booth, a tire changer, and antique memorabilia galore to get your fast and furious fix followed by fun around the fire pit and in the oversized tiered pool. This of course, doesn’t even include the actual garage that can hold up to ten cars. The main house has two bedrooms and the entertaining house and glass repair center can easily hold 60 for anything from a philanthropic fete to an intimate wedding.

Well, the tiered pool is certainly fantastic. Luckily for us, Zillow gives us a voyeuristic peek into the most unusual of homes, and of course, I'm mentally photoshopping in the cast of Fast and the Furious, but with fun new accessories like cowboy hats and ostrich boots.

One strange thing I noticed: there are no photos of any of the actual bedrooms, and only one bathroom photo. Did they not follow the theme of the rest of the home? Because I would have loved to have had a break from the relentless car theme. Or maybe they just ran out of metal signs to nail to the ceilings.

Inside Texas' $8 Million Dollar Chicken-Fried Sports Bar

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