If you're bored in the Hub City, then you're just not looking for the fun hard enough. Sure, we have limited options, but there are things to do here that you may not have taken advantage of.

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    I can hear you already going, "ugh." Trust me, I was the same as you. But I've found that getting together with a bunch of friends and knocking a charity project out of the park is a great thing. It's fun to hang out with your friends and DO something.

    My friends and I like the annual build for CASA and we try to get out to the Haven and repair cages every couple of years. Even better, dare all your friends to go with you to the blood center and donate. It's a powerful feeling when you know you've made a big difference in your community.

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    Shop Local

    When was the last time you got out and really poked around at some Lubbock businesses? I'm not talking superstores or specialty stores, but those funky, in-between shops run by local businessmen who really add to the personality of Lubbock.

    34th Street and The Depot District have shops popping up all the time with really cool stuff that you're just not going to find just anywhere.

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    Go to the Movies

    Yes, this one seems pretty obvious, but we have a pretty good selection of movie theaters, including some you can drink at. Let's also not forget the drive-in. I know people who make a regular habit out of the Stars and Stripes. As impressive as home theaters are today, it's still fun to see things on the big screen now and then.

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    Take in a Game

    Lubbock is 100 percent sports crazy. There is always some kind of game going on. It's awesome to support Texas Tech football, basketball and baseball, but there are so many other sports that can be thrilling available to you cheap or at no cost at all. Let's also not forget all the high school teams and youth leagues that would love to have you out.

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    Take a Class

    Lubbock Parks And Recreation has all kinds of fun classes available. You can literally find everything from stained glass to self-defense. You'll also find that when you take these kind of classes you become part of a little community of friends and neighbors.

    If you visit the link above, you can get a free guide mailed to your house. In the words of Dr. Frankenfurter: "Don't Dream It, Be It." Maybe one of those classes will help you get there.

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    Go Out to Eat

    It seems like Lubbock has a new restaurant opening every day. In addition, there are probably some foods that you've never tried. I didn't try sushi until about 10 years ago and now I love it. I've recently upped my Thai game. There are all kinds of cuisines and experiences waiting for you out there.

    Let's also not forget that you can grab a pack of hot dogs and barbecue in some city parks.

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    Visit Local Landmarks

    There are a number of fun places to visit.

    First, have you really spent any time at the Buddy Holly Center? There's always some very cool stuff there. I'm also a big fan of the Ranching Heritage Center. You can spend a nice day there checking out the houses, the train and all the cool old stuff there. The Lubbock Lake Landmark also has nature walks and other cool stuff to do.

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    Go See Some Live Music

    Lubbock actually has a pretty diverse music scene. You can get most any genre you want on weekends and on most weekdays. There is a wealth of talent out there just waiting to perform and be accepted by their home town. From covers to classics, originals to improv, you just need to scratch the surface of the town to find some music that suits you.

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    Shuffle Off to Buffalo Springs Lake

    There's a lot of stuff to do at Buffalo Springs Lake. You can hike, barbecue, ride bikes or engage in any other of a number of activities. It's just a nice change in scenery for a really low admission price. The lake is also host to a number of events and activities that you can participate in.


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