Taylor Swift got invited to another high school prom, but this might be one she'll actually attend. A boy named Devon Whitney made a YouTube video asking Taylor to his senior prom in Aurora, Colorado.

Devon has an extremely rare disease called Oto-Palatal-Digital Syndrome, or OPD. He's had over two-dozen surgeries since he was born. The syndrome also makes Devon look a little different.

He told Denver's KUSA-TV, quote, "People stare at me because of the way I look. They laugh at me and talk behind my back. And sometimes I can hear them. You want to say something, but you can't. And it hurts."

Devon says he's too shy to ask anyone in school to the prom, so he decided to shoot for the moon and see if Taylor would go.

His YouTube video has gotten over 9,800 views and I'm guessing word has probably gotten back to Taylor by now. We sure hope she can make this happen.

Here's the KUSA news report about Devon. Take a look and I guarantee you'll be pulling for him...

And here's Devon's YouTube video.

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