"It's not a lie if you believe it..." - G. Costanza.


Well, I could go that route, but then I'd be no different than countless thousands of politicians and media figures who use the 'I was hacked' excuse anytime they write something that the populace disagrees with. Me? I'll stand on my principles.

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This week, I apparently ruffled some civic-minded feathers when I stated that Lubbock is the worst city in Texas, but yet is also the nicest in Eastern New Mexico. People came out of the woodwork stating that I either need to go back where I came from or drop dead -- not necessarily in that order. The overwhelming sentiment was that Lubbock has a lot of things to do and many positives to be celebrated. You know what? You're all right. It does. Now, hear me out.

I stand by my comment because people obviously missed the point. You cannot deny that Lubbock seems to have more in common with the desolate prairies of Eastern New Mexico (go to the mall any weekend and count the New Mexico license plates) than we do with the Lone Star State as a whole. However, we cling to the fact that Texas is exponentially better than anywhere else and are so grateful to be Texans that we deny the obvious fact that if you crossed the state line, you'd never know it.

Besides, I'm not the only person in Lubbock media who thinks that Lubbock is on the nasty side.

I mean, when was the last time you saw a brown lawn or tumbleweed on that Chip & Joanna Gaines show? Yep, Texas.

Besides, if anyone bothered to actually read that my story, you'd notice that nowhere did I say that I hated Lubbock. It's been good to me and my family, I have a great job, the best listeners in the world and love that our air comes in two flavors, smooth and chunky style. I'm just pointing out that we have more in common with our neighbors to the west than we do with the rest of Tejas. You cannot deny that.

So, no, I wasn't hacked, but you clicked when you saw the headline and that's enough for me. Share this story all you want and get all of your friends to read it, share it and comment on it. Because when you do, that's more money for me.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to wash the mud off my car. Freaking dusty rain.

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