In Ann Arbor, Michigan, a man tried to kill himself by swallowing MOLE POISON.  (His name hasn't been released.)

Now, here's what we didn't know.  The chemicals in some types of rodent poisons, including mole poison, can actually give humans the ability to BREATHE FIRE.  Yes, really . . . breathe fire.

You can blow out phosphine gas. When that interacts with the oxygen in the air, it can become flammable.

So after the man was admitted to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, and they figured out he'd ingested mole poison, a HAZMAT TEAM was called in to make sure the guy didn't start running around the hospital breathing fire.

The hazmat team isolated him to one room and contained the situation until the toxins had passed through the guy's body. He survived swallowing the poison.