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When you hear or read the word 'castle' you immediately picture a structure in your mind that is tall, has towers, is fortress-like usually in Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain or somewhere else in Europe with a king or queen or prince and princess living in it.

While most of that described above may be true, this castle is not in Europe and there's no real king, queen, prince or princess living in this castle in Southlake. The home just northwest of the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport was designed to not only look like a castle from the outside but inside too. This place is definitely fit for a king, queen, prince, princess, court jesters and the whole village. and it recently hit the market and is listed at $5 million.

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While it may resemble a castle on the outside, it has all the modern conveniences your looking for in a modern home. You might just get lost in this castle as you move from room to room throughout the 19,600+ sq. ft. home that has not only eight bedrooms but eight and a half bathrooms too. The detail throughout will have you really feeling like you're royalty.

There is plenty of room for all of your chariots. Umm, I mean vehicles.

The garage is larger than most single-family homes. Boasting more than 1300 sq. ft. You can put all of your vehicles and toys under this roof and probably still have room for more - if you have anything left over after dropping the $5 million for the property.

There is no moat around this castle, but there is a stunning pool.

When you pictured that castle in your head, it probably had a moat around it, well, this place doesn't have one but is does have one stunning pool with a hot tub, waterfall and grotto. Plus a huge backyard entertainment area.

So go ahead and raise the taxes on your peasants and servants now so you can acquire the $5 million needed to purchase it from Engle & Voelkers Dallas Southlake. While you're collecting the money, check this castle out.

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