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Quora, the de facto replacement for the now long-dead yet still legendary Yahoo Answers, is still a source of fun questions and even better answers. Digging through this goldmine is so bountiful that there's a long-running comedy podcast that is just goofball "advice" for folks seeking answers to life's weirdest questions.

I got curious as to what exactly people are asking about Lubbock and I've already found a question and some answers I really love, "Which is the most scenic spot in Lubbock?"  My eye does twitch a little at the use of "which" in lieu of "where" but that oddball grammar is part of the Yahoo Answers fun that made us all wonder if we were pregnert. Pregante. Pragnent, even.

Some of my favorite answers

The best view of the city of Lubbock should be in your rear-view mirror.

A Mac Davis reference, and how apropos!

attachment-explore lubbock

I especially love how low-effort and ugly this meme is, in a meta way.

Of course, there were many answers about Lubbock being too flat for any scenic view, besides that of seeing your dog run away for three days. The only serious answers boiled down to finding a tall building and standing on it. Not very interesting.

So what actually IS the best scenic view in Lubbock? Well, I'm not one for heights, anyway. I get whole-body nausea near any precipice.

For me, the most scenic view is a nice long walk or jog around the neighborhood near Lubbock Country Club (3400 Mesa Rd) when the weather is nice. There's tons of wildlife out there. I've seen horned lizards (horny toads, if you will), peacocks, turkeys, roadrunners, jackrabbits, and regular bunnies that are likely the dusty, unkempt descendants of lost pets.  I've seen deer, foxes, and skinks, and once I nearly tripped while jogging over a huge possum. There are gorgeous houses and a picturesque oil derrick in the middle of a small field. If you can time this walk near sunset on a partially cloudy day, you're in for a riot of color. It's so lovely.

Lubbock is not beholden to anyone else's standard of beauty. We have plenty of our own if you're willing to look.

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