LifeGift, along with the South Plains Kidney Foundation will be hosting the Donate Life Texas 2nd Chance Run on Saturday, August 5th to raise funds to assist the estimated 11,000 folks in Texas who are waiting for an organ or tissue transplant.

The runners will run in memory of a donor, a recipient or to show their support for this cause.

LifeGift is a non-profit organization that serves to help those who need a life-saving organ transplant.

From LifeGift:

“’Since 2003, this fun run has symbolized hope for thousands of men, women, and children who wait for a lifesaving organ and tissue transplants in the Fort Worth area," said Kevin Myer, president, and CEO of LifeGift. "We are looking forward to expanding our reach, bringing this fun and meaningful event to transplant recipients, donor families, living donors, volunteers, staff and supporters in the greater Lubbock community.’”

This organization is one I believe in strongly and I hope everyone in the community can help with this great event!

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