Earlier this week, the U.S. revealed the outfits our Olympic athletes will wear during the opening ceremonies.  With berets and white pants and skirts, we thought they looked like French sailors.  But that's not what we're discussing today.

Nope . . . turns out our country's Olympic outfits were MADE IN CHINA.

And while that's kinda the MOST American thing to do . . . everything else Americans wear is made in China, right? . . . some members of Congress are FURIOUS.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says, quote, "I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them.  If they have to wear nothing but a symbol that says USA on it, painted by hand, that's what they should wear."

Others are also making a push.  Two Congress members from New York want to pass a bill to require American-made uniforms in the future.  Another Senator is pushing to find a U.S. manufacturer to remake the uniforms immediately.

The saddest thing here is that everyone SHOULD'VE seen this coming.  Ralph Lauren designed this year's outfits AND the outfits in 2008 . . . and those were made in China too.