If you can't remember the last time you exercised...prepare for a six-year-old girl to make you feel even WORSE about yourself.

Keelan Glass is a first grader in Abilene and she's been running 5K's since she was FOUR. But this month, she did something no other six-year-old has EVER done.

On October 18th, Keelan competed in her first HALF-MARATHON, and ran all 13.1 miles, setting a new world record for the youngest person to ever do it. In fact, she SMASHED it, because the previous record holder was a NINE-year-old.

Keelan's time was also impressive. She finished the race in just over 2 hours and 46 minutes, and raised $2,855 for charity in the process. And her next goal is to run a FULL marathon when she turns ten.

Now, some doctors think it might be DANGEROUS for someone so young to run that much. But it sounds like Keelan's parents are being careful about it.

Her mom Tracy says she'd have to talk to a lot of doctors before that would happen, and even if Keelan is CAPABLE of running a full marathon by the time she's ten, it doesn't mean they'll let her.