A student at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania showed up with a knife and went on a STABBING SPREE yesterday.

Thankfully, no one was killed...but 20 people were injured.  And he's basically a HERO...because after he was stabbed, he pulled the fire alarm to alert everyone in the school to get out.

But that's not why people on the Internet are talking about him. They're talking about him because he posted a SELFIE from the hospital after he was treated for his stab wound.

Some people are OUTRAGED that he reacted to the stabbing by posting on Instagram.  They say it's disrespectful to the other victims and to the gravity of the situation.

Other people are supporting him, saying it was him letting everyone know he was okay...and defiantly showing the kid who stabbed him that he FAILED. That works for me.

(Here's the selfie.)


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