People in China are outraged over security footage from last Thursday. It shows a van running over a TWO-YEAR-OLD GIRL. The driver stops for a few seconds, but drives off, and runs her over AGAIN with one of the back tires.

And a second driver…who probably didn't see her in the road…ran her over AGAIN. It's even MORE shocking because about twenty people saw the girl lying on the ground bleeding, and didn't help.

Finally…about 10 minutes later…a woman collecting bottles and cans from the trash saw the girl and got help. According to reports yesterday, the girl is in a military hospital in critical condition.

CNN reported that the first driver called the girl's dad after the video went viral, and offered to give the family money. But he wouldn't turn himself in. Luckily, the drivers of both cars were eventually tracked down by police.

WARNING:  Obviously the video includes disturbing footage of a small child being run over by two cars.