School is out in many places around the country, which means that many kids no longer have access to free or discounted breakfast and lunch each day.

Robin Evans of Kennedale, Texas (near Fort Worth) is helping them.  On Friday, she started camping out on the roof of the First United Methodist Church...and she's not coming down until she gets 50,000 pounds of food donations.

The 25 TONS of food will go to local food pantries.  It's the third year she's done it, and the donation target has increased fivefold, from 10,000 pounds the first year.

She sleeps under a canopy tent and uses wet paper towels to bathe.  She comes down to use the restroom, because they're worried that a Porta-Potty would get blown off the roof.

Last year, it took four days for Robin to collect enough donations to come down.  She's got enough supplies to last six days this year, but she also has a pulley system that would allow people to hoist more supplies up to her if it takes longer.


You can call the church at 817-478-5811 or donate through Robin's Facebook page.